Advantages of ASYS Academy

We are aware of our responsibilities to the community and the students, therefore, we make every effort to implement the training, on this basis, we have created the following conditions for the implementation of training:
• The applicability of courses offered
• Certification certificates, for those individuals who, despite having the knowledge, lack the degree, after doing the test and proving skills.
• Use educated instructors.
• Use the best educational texts, and up-to-date pamphlets.
• Registration and follow-up training on our company’s website in Spain and the UK.
• Registration of the certificate issued on the site of the company, and the possibility of issuing approval, upon request of applicants.
• The internationalization of the certificate, issuing it in English, and the need for translation.
• Possibility to hold courses at the premises of the requesting companies.
• Feasibility of training courses.
• There are discount regulations for specific customers
• Acceptance of the ASYS Certificate from more than 50 countries
• Possibility to hold courses in correspondence and on-line training