Competence Certificate

Many individuals, through self-training or training are involved in learning and acquiring a series of skills and materials; for example, one may have 5-year-experiences in project control, development projects, and Or work with P6 software, but at the time of changing the job, lacks a relevant certificate. Or a person who has worked for 3 years as a management representative, or a member of the APQP team in a company, but has no evidence of skills in the field.
The ASYS Academy of Iran, acting in accordance with the policies of the parent company ASYS Academy, has undertaken to plan skills tests, and certification, for applicants for these certifications.
To this end, the individual sends a letter which indicates his qualifications to the academy and the academy determines a date for the exam; for the applicant’s readiness for the certification, the resources are presented and the questions being asked about it, and at the appointed time, the exam will be held in person or on the Internet.
If successful, a skill certificate will be issued for the applicant