Strategic Management

Our mission
Our mission is to contribute in the scientific progress of the country and to help the contracting organizations to compete and to provide educational services in the fields of engineering, management, and systems.


* Our vision
Our vision is the most prestigious and reputed educational organization in the region


* Policy
– Satisfaction of customers and students
– Providing world-class textbooks based educational services
– Creating and appropriate connection with students and organizations
– Observing the laws and regulations and requirements
– Extending organization training
– observing the principle of continuous improvement


* Strategies
– Continuous communication with other educational centers and ASYS Academy around the world
– employing experienced professors
– Use the latest educational technologies
– Conducting training as an applied and international research
– Acquiring licenses from legal centers
– Establishing partnerships and representations in different provinces

We use the ISO 29990 standard to conduct our training activities and we commit ourselves to complying with the educational rules and regulations.
In order to carry out our mission and to achieve the vision, the program of activities is in line with the strategy and strategy that is compiled and revised every three months, and we are committed to implementing this document and we work with “The future is for those who are better to be better.


Mojgan Amani