Certificate Search

All certificates issued by Agrin SYS International are registered on the company’s website and this record remains up to three years after the completion date of the course. The fact that records remain only for three years on the company’s website is that, according to the ASYS strategy, if it lasts for a period of three years, most of its content is forgotten, therefore, there is a need for retraining, unless the trainer has worked in that field, however, the work record is the successor to the educational record. You control the authenticity of the certificate by entering the issued educational certificate number. If you wish the certificate remains on the site more than three years, a non-attendance exam must be given.

* All certificates issued by the company are printed on certain papers and have a hologram and a prominent seal.
* In case of written request from organizations, the authenticity of the certificates is verifiable in writing.
* Certificates contain prominent stamp and hologram.
* After completing the courses, all certificates and training records are registered and kept in the site since December 30, 2012.
* After the expiration of the above period, a written request from the ASYS Academy is required in order to be registered or amended.